For Reviewers

The Jagiellonian Security Review is a double-blind peer reviewed scholarly journal. The assessment should provide a general overview of the subject matter in terms of progress, deficiencies in present management as well as opportunities and directions of future work.

Reviewers are asked to write a detailed review (see below the review form), evaluating the paper on the following criteria:

  1. The  explanatory value of the paper.
  2. Conformity of the topic with the content.
  3. The structure of the paper.
  4. Methodology assessment, research methods applied
  5. Sources used in the article.
  6. Appropriateness of footnotes/references
  7. Language and narrative

Reviewers are reminded to evaluate the article on the grounds given above, and not to base their recommendations on whether they agree or disagree with the findings. As part of the review process, reviewers are asked to make one of the following recommendations:

1) accept as is;

2) accept with revisions according to suggestions from the reviewer(s) and subject to subsequent editorial scrutiny;

3) reject.

Review form [.docx]